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Chateau Burgozone CABERNET FRANC 2017

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Chateau Burgozone Cabernet Franc

Volume 750 ml.
Variety: Cabernet Franc
Wine: type Dry red wine
Food: pairing cheese, desert, meat, pasta / pizza, poultry, vegetarian dishes
Aromas: black fruits, cedar, leather, leaves, red fruits
Aromas & Flavours: Black fruit (cassis), red fruit (raspberry), herbaceous (blackurrent leaf), oak (vanilla), bottle ageing (earth)

Cabernet Franc by Chateau Burgozone is of the less known Cabernet variety, common in the Loire and Bordeaux. Cabernet Franc is authentic and wild as a raw diamond and hides a variety of flavours and soft tannins for connoisseurs of complex wines. Red fruits, white pepper, spices and notes of soil and leather allow this wine to be combined with vegetarian, meat dishes and even chocolate desserts. The slightly chilled wine retains its aromas and adds freshness and elegance"

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