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Côte du Danube Blanc CHARDONNAY+MUSCAT 2018

  • Cat No: 25

Côte du Danube Chardonnay & Muscat


Côte du Danube Chardonnay & Muscat




Tamyanka, Chardonnay

Wine type

Dry white wine


flowers, green fruits, minerality, tropical fruits

Food pairing

cheese, desert, poultry, vegetarian dishes, with appetizers

Chardonnay and Muscat by Cote du Danube is a blend between the most popular variety Chardonnay and one of the oldest white varieties – muscat blanc a petits grain. We use Tamyanka which is an indigenous Bulgarian variety for our blend. The wine is made from hand collected grapes and represents a combination of tropical, citrus (lime), green fruit (grape), and white flower aromas, together with a very good minerality, typical for our Danubian terroir. Very good with appetizers, as well in combination with vegetarian dishes, fish, desserts, and mature cheeses.

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