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Honey LINDEN 360γρ.

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Natural Linden Honey

Natural linden honey contains essential oils and their composition has farnesol, which imparts the characteristic aroma. The action of farnesol is soothing to the nervous system and antiseptic, which determines the dosage strength of linden honey. One class honey. The color is pale yellow, transparent, with a pleasant smell when crystallized acquires a lighter color.

Bulgarian Linden Honey is emollient that helps cough and insomnia successfully treat bronchitis and is an excellent antiseptic.

More useful properties of Bulgarian Natural Honey:

Honey is not regulated drug, however, Millennium experience of traditional medicine, as well as more recent studies of modern clinicians assigns its place among the natural products with curative effect.

His healing power has been known since ancient times: it does not irritate the stomach and is easily absorbed by the body, it helps with many diseases and calms the nervous system.

Bulgarian honey is irreplaceable food in the daily menu of man. This is mainly due to the remarkable composition: vitamins of the group's A, B, C, K, E, organic acids, enzymes invertase, lipase, and many chemical elements that occur in blood in very small amounts.

It is useful to consume honey, but in certain quantities, to 100 g per day. Most acceptable is that this is done for 1 hour before bedtime or 3 hours after eating.

Honey can be dissolved in warm (not hot) water, and thus to be accepted by the body.

As the honey is rich in enzymes, facilitates its operation functions of the digestive glands. It also improves sleep. Bulgarian honey, combined with lemon juice, milk or herbal tea also helps with colds.


100% natural, Bulgarian honey - linden


Packing: 360g in a glass jar

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