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Honey HONEYDEW 360g

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Honeydew has an anti-inflammatory effect and is therefore recommended for airway inflammation. It also has a diuretic effect.

Package Quantity: 250 g
Origin: Bulgaria
Ingredients: 100% natural honey - Honeydew

Suitable for: Adults, Children


- 100% natural product
- Мanufactured in Bulgaria in a clean and green area!
- No added sugar or other ingredients!

Natural Honey - Honeydew

Natural Honey - honeydew is derived from the secretions of sucking insects on the plants or from secretions of living parts of plants, mostly of coniferous species pine, silver fir, fir, spruce, and the like; and deciduous trees - oak, maple, beech, linden, willow others. The color is dark green but can be dark brown to red. It has a dense texture and crystallized slowly. Honeydew contains all substances contained in the composition of nectar but has more mineral salts. Honey from pine, fir, spruce, etc. It contains oils and resins rich aldehydes, secondary alcohols, turpentine, and the like.

Bulgarian How - Honeydew has: anti-inflammatory action and therefore recommended for inflammation of the airways. And has a diuretic effect. Honey acts cathartic and calms the nervous system and gut. Honeydew recommended in thoracic diseases because it contains most minerals and antibiotics.

The benefits of aromatic honey from thistle are indisputable not only for health but also for male and female self-esteem. The effect is equally strong in both sexes. This natural remedy restores confidence and helps to experience the sweetness of full intimate contact with your partner.

You need to take one or two teaspoons daily. Be careful with the dosage and do not exceed, as any excess may cause negative effects on your health. They are expressed in the reverse effect of natural light.

Used externally thistle honey treated and purulent wounds and eczema. Specific about it is that rapidly crystallized, but it retains the taste and aromatic qualities.

More useful properties of Bulgarian Natural Honey:

Honey is not regulated drug, however, Millennium experience of traditional medicine, as well as more recent studies of modern clinicians assigns its place among the natural products with curative effect.

His healing power has been known since ancient times: it does not irritate the stomach and is easily absorbed by the body, it helps with many diseases and calms the nervous system.

Bulgarian honey is irreplaceable food in the daily menu of man. This is mainly due to the remarkable composition: vitamins of the group's A, B, C, K, E, organic acids, enzymes invertase, lipase, and many chemical elements that occur in blood in very small amounts.

It is useful to consume honey, but in certain quantities, to 100 g per day. Most acceptable is that this is done for 1 hour before bedtime or 3 hours after eating.

Honey can be dissolved in warm (not hot) water, and thus to be accepted by the body.

As the honey is rich in enzymes, facilitates its operation functions of the digestive glands. It also improves sleep. Bulgarian honey, combined with lemon juice, milk or herbal tea also helps with colds.


100% natural, Bulgarian honey - Honeydew.


Packing: 360g in a glass jar

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